A very special padlock

A very special padlock

On a beautiful afternoon a little girl named Elizabeth, was going to buy one of the many things she had dreamed of buying, she would buy it with all she had saved for a year.

Then she said “what could I buy?”, there are so many things I dreamed of buying and now seeing so many things in the store I can’t make up my mind”.

So went into a huge store, in which she thought that could find some of the things she had dreamed of.

She went in and started to go through the whole store and she liked almost everything, but she could only choose one thing, so that she could afford it with what she had saved, so being able to decide was being very difficult until she saw a sign of personalized padlocks and this filled her with curiosity.

So she went to see them and the person who was promoting them explained to her that these padlocks could be used for many things at any time and the best thing was that they could be personalized with whatever you liked the most.

When she heard that Elizabeth’s eyes sparkled and she was delighted, she had already decided what she was going to choose.

As it was personalized she selected the design and the colors it would have, but what she liked the most was that in a part of the padlock it would have her name on it.

She waited a while for them to design her padlock and when everything was ready, they gave her her beautiful padlock.

She used it all the time and carried it everywhere.

It had become a fantastic thing for her.

Until one day she was a little late getting to school and in an oversight the lock fell off and broke.

And she said “it can’t be, my lock is damaged”.

So he went to the store to have it repaired.

There it was repaired and she was happy with her padlock, because it was as shiny as when she bought it and she was about to return home.

At that moment when she came out of the store she saw another girl whose lock had also been damaged and she could not buy another one.

When Elizabeth heard that, she remembered what her mom had once told her, that sometimes helping others can bring great happiness in unexpected ways to others.

So she decided to do something she had never thought of, she went back to the store and asked that her lock be personalized to the little girl who was sad outside the store, so that she would be happy again.

Even though this would mean parting with her beloved padlock, it was more important to support someone.

The little girl told her “thank you so much, I will never forget this new friend, you have made me so happy” .

Elizabeth was also happy, because although she had parted with her lock she had gained something more valuable, a great friend.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.