The search for the rabbit – a very exciting story

The search for the rabbit – a very exciting story

Early one morning Lisbeth went to visit her grandparents, who were very fond of her and when she arrived, they were very happy to see her.

When she arrived she hugged her grandparents and at that moment their neighbor, Raquel, who was walking her white and furry bunny, passed by.

And so they greeted her, but suddenly the rabbit that was in Raquel’s hands escaped into the street.

This surprised Rachel very much, because it had never run away before.

She was very scared and said “oh my bunny, being in the street he can get hurt by something”.

So she asked for help from Lisbeth, who was the closest with a car, so that she could look for the rabbit quickly without any incident happening to it in the street.

Lisbeth was not so convinced, because she had just cleaned her car and when they found the bunny she was going to have to carry it and maybe it was going to get all dirty because of the hairs.

But seeing that Raquel was so worried about her bunny she said “yes, let’s look for him in every street, maybe he is not far away”.

Then they started the search and Raquel began to tell her all about the rabbit and how he was her inseparable friend.

Then Lisbeth began to understand how special the bunny was and with the passage of time she tried to calm her down, so that she wouldn’t worry anymore.

And even more so because for Raquel it was really important and it was not only a rabbit but part of her family.

They searched several places and could not find it, until they saw something white in the distance and Raquel told Lisbeth to come closer, because maybe it could be the bunny.

They approached and yes, it was Raquel’s bunny.

At last they had found him, Raquel was very happy and she was free of all the worries she had.

She hugged him and saw that he had a wound on his leg, so they took him home, to cure him.

Raquel said “thank you, without you I would not have been able to find him in time and maybe he would have disappeared, I will always be grateful to you”.

Although the car ended up a little full of hair because of the furry bunny, Lisbeth was happy for having helped Raquel to find her beloved bunny again.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered with SafeCreative.