A parade of balloons

A parade of balloons

At the end of the fall in a small community they were preparing to receive the first great balloon parade.

Everyone waited with great excitement for the balloons to arrive in the city and begin to assemble everything necessary for the big date.

Then unexpectedly what no one would expect would happen, on the way to the city the balloons had been ruined and as there was only a week left to carry out the parade, there would not be enough time to repair them and send them on the expected date.

Therefore, the organizers announced that the parade would be canceled.

At that moment everyone was very disappointed and especially all the children who were eager to enjoy a great balloon show.

Then Simon appeared, who was the father of one of the children and had a great idea.

And he said “Wait a minute, if the parade can’t come, we can do our own parade.”

About this idea, not everyone was so sure that it would be successful, but he convinced them by saying that at all times they have always been very close and that this was the best way to show that all together could make it possible.

So he brought the whole community together to organize how each thing would be done and especially how the balloons would be.

The balloons, as they were going to be homemade, would have very original designs created by themselves.

So everyone worked during those days to make the long-awaited parade possible.

When they had almost everything ready, some of the balloons began to deflate.

Then some said “¿What do we do? The parade is tomorrow and all that must be replaced in time.

Simón said “Don’t worry, I have another plan, we can order some floats from the community pool and put them together to replace those balloons that were ruined.

So, together they did that and were even able to improve some designs, the balloons were more striking and fantastic for the parade.

And they had everything finished to enjoy the show they had created.

At the start of the parade, everyone was amazed and surprised to see the large and very colorful balloons for the first time.

It was a unique parade and more because they had made it themselves with great effort, so that everyone could enjoy the excitement of seeing the balloons that were displayed all the way through the parade.

It was a wonderful moment that everyone could share as a family and as a united community.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.