The amazing night lights

The amazing night lights

In a small neighborhood there lived a girl named Marian, where always once a year all the neighbors came together and organized the creation of a great activity to enjoy together as a family and share great moments.

Everything devised was going to be developed on a beautiful night where the large number of lights that would be placed in each house would be appreciated, which would have different colored illuminations to make it an impressive event.

This had become the most anticipated thing for the entire neighborhood.

It was a very important date because the whole community came together to organize a great night light show.

That they would be placed in each house and they would perform light games to the rhythm of different songs.

Then, as the date for the event approached, everyone helped each other to place all the lights and prepare everything necessary for the great event to be a success.

So they continued working during the following days until they reached the big day of the event, to make sure that nothing was missing and everything was as planned.

When the expected day arrived, almost everything was ready and they were only finishing certain details with some lights.

When they finished, everyone said “We have finished everything for the wonderful show tonight”.

Everyone was happy to have worked closely together as a community and to have been able to accomplish something so incredible for the entire neighborhood.

Then when night came, each house began to turn on all the lights that they had placed, everything was ready for the start of the great show.

Everything was fantastic, very eye-catching and everyone appreciated its great showiness.

But this did not last long and suddenly there was an overload and it caused the electricity to go out.

Something that he never thought could happen in all that they had planned.

So at that moment everyone ran to see the damage that was happening and if they could find a solution so that the special night of house lights would not be ruined.

Everyone thought, but could not find a solution.

Then after a while, Miriam had an idea and said what if we forget about electricity and see how beautiful the stars are, on this particular night they stood out more than ever.

Then everyone hearing that, they loved the idea and began to enjoy the wonderful view that they had not appreciated before and that they have always had.

And when everyone saw the beautiful stars they said that each year they would celebrate it differently with the natural light of the wonderful stars so that they could admire the amazing night lights all together as a family and as a community.


Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.