The traveling coconuts

The traveling coconuts

On a large ship that travels all over the world, there was Daniel, a great sailor who enjoyed spending most of his time traveling at sea.

Among differents places that he was traveling to, he had reached some beautiful tropical areas, where the ship was going to stop at the port to look for some supplies and food that were needed.

Having everything ready and prepared to go down to the port, Daniel got off the ship to see the place.

Then when he was there, he observed large palms in the distance, which seemed to have many coconuts and he remembered what his grandmother had asked him.

His grandmother had grown up for a short part of her childhood in a tropical place where large numbers of coconuts always grew, which she loved a lot until one day she had to move with her family to another country, which had a very different climate and the coconuts did not grow there.

That is why she had always wanted to try a coconut again, as she used to do as a child and had asked her grandson that when he visits some place where he found them, he will bring the coconuts to taste again her favorite fruit, which brings back great memories.

Then when he got a little closer, he realized that they were actually coconuts.

He went to ask the people of the port if it was possible to take the coconuts and they told him that he could take them.

So he tried to climb onto the coconut palm, but he was very slippery and every time he tried he would fall to the ground.

So he asked his shipmates to help him get the coconuts for his grandmother.

And each one tried to climb the palm, but they couldn’t either, this was becoming a challenge.

But they were going to try everything possible to obtain the coconuts, so they made a kind of chain to climb the palm and thus obtain the coconuts.

And with that they had finally managed to grab the coconuts, although they had some complications at the beginning and for that reason Daniel thanked them for all the help they had given him for the coconuts for his grandmother.

When he had them, he wanted to take them to his grandmother, so he was going to have to go a long way to bring her the coconuts and give her a big surprise.

So on the ship they were going to travel a long distance until they finally arrived.

When Daniel arrived he said with a smile “My grandmother will be very happy when she sees these traveling coconuts”.

When she saw her grandson back, she was very happy with him and surprised her with some coconuts, which she was so eager to try again.

Then with a big hug she said “Thank you Daniel, you have made me very happy, by tasting these coconuts I have remembered wonderful moments, but what has made me the happiest is that you are here with me after so long.”

Both were very excited and he listened to all the great stories that his grandmother had lived.


Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.