An extraordinary talent

An extraordinary talent

Every week a young man named Noé liked to go to watch baseball games with his friends, one of those days something happened that had never happened before, a hitter who made a home run so big on his team debut that the ball disappeared from the stadium and each of the following turns that it was his turn to hit again made it just as great.

And the commentators recounted “this has been incredible gentlemen, a home run never seen before, that hitter has an extraordinary talent.

So hearing this, Noé wondered “what could be my great talent?” He was thinking about this all the way home.

After a moment, he had decided that he was going to find his great talent.

At first, he wondered “Where could I start?

Then he said I have it “I’m going to tell my friends to help me”

So the next day he met with them and started trying various things, but couldn’t find what his great talent might be.

And he did not understand what he could be doing wrong not to find it.

Every time he tried something new he felt that he was straying further from being able to find his special talent.

He had been so interested in finding it, that he was losing his excitement trying each new idea, that in the end it did not turn out as he expected.

So from one moment to the next he decided that he would no longer try to seek his great talent.

This surprised his friends so much that none of them really expected to hear that from Noé.

They all told him “Noé, you can’t give up so quickly, we know that at some point you will find it.

After this, he had already spent a long time since the last time that he had tried to seek his talent and he continued to make his life as usual, but he did not know when he would find it and this no longer it worried so much.

One day he went to a squar and observed that there was an event with various musicians and they all played different instruments.

At that moment the sound of an instrument that he had not heard before caught his attention, it was a Harp, for him it stood out above all other instruments.

Hearing that sound he got excited and said “I have found my great talent”

When he first played the harp, it was truly amazing, it was a unique talent and it seemed as if he had always played the harp.

When all this happened, he called his friends and they were all surprised by the great ability he had.

Everyone congratulated him and said “you did it!”

He was very happy because without waiting for it in the least expected place he was able to discover his great extraordinary talent of playing the Harp.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.