The white chick

The white chick

One morning Rubén was on his way to work, when suddenly he noticed that there was a small box on the sidewalk that was making a noise.

Hearing that caught his attention, so he decided to open it and to his surprise he found a small chick, which looked pale from the heat that was generated inside the box.

The chick was so pale it looked like it was going to faint.

So he quickly returned to his house to save him and have his daughters Eva and Genesis take care of him, so that he would be healthy again.

They always rescued injured animals, to heal them and find a home for them.

That is why he was taking it to them to help him recover.

When he got home, he told his daughters “look at the chick that I brought, it has received a lot of heat and is very pale, so it needs a lot of care so that it can recover.”

They said “don’t worry, we are going to help him and give the best care to the little chick, so that it recovers and returns to its beautiful color”.

Then between the two of them they began to hydrate him and help him in everything necessary, so that he would get better..

As the first days passed, they could see that he was recovering little by little and they began to love him very much.

So much was the affection for the chick that they had become inseparable.

As the days went by, he managed to fully recover and each day he grew a little more and his white color turned into a beautiful yellow color.

But he had grown so much that he needed a bigger place and since many rescued animals lived in the house with whom they had also become very fond of, there was not enough space and it was time to let him go, so that he was in a better place.

So it was time to help him find a larger place where he would be more comfortable, although his daughters did not want to separate from him.

So the father talked to them and convinced them that the best thing was to find a place where the chick could be together with other chicks and was much better.

They would then take the chick to a large animal shelter where it could have a larger space.

When they arrived at the place and it was time to say goodbye, they said “even if you are no longer in our home, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

They both said their goodbyes and they would always have the beautiful memories they had built all that time.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.