And where is grandma's cake?

And where is grandma’s cake?

On a bright Sunday, Gabriel and his mother were preparing to make a delicious Passion Fruit cake for their grandmother, which was her favorite cake.

They gathered all the ingredients and made the cake until they finished it.

The cake looked amazing and smelled wonderful.

Gabriel said “surely grandmother is going to love it, it’s perfect for her”

As the cake was a bit hot they had to wait a while, to be able to pack it in the box where they were going to deliver it to the grandmother.

So the mother told Gabriel “take good care of te cake while I finish doing some things before we leave and come back to pack it.”

Gabriel told her “yes mom, the cake will be well taken care of.”

In that same instant that the mother left for a moment, the cake disappeared.

And Gabriel said “and where is the cake? How could it disappear like this? And now what do I do?

From one moment to the next, the cake disappeared and Gabriel didn’t know where it might be.

So desperate he looked everywhere and could not find it,

Then he thought his dog Abel had it and said “he must have taken the cake”.

If the dog had eaten the cake as he was imagining it he was going to be in trouble.

So he quickly went looking for him to where he was and on the way he thought about whether to make a new cake, but maybe he wasn’t going to have enough time before his mom returned.

When he found it, there was no trace of the cake either and he said “that’s great that didn’t happen! So where is it?

Seeing that he had walked all over the house without being able to find it, he decided to go back to looking in the kitchen and it turns out that the cake was there, it had fallen on the floor.

He said “oh nooo! This is worse than I imagined, now we have to do another one.”

When his mother arrived and saw Gabriel’s face she said “what happened?”

He said “the whole cake has fallen on the ground.”

To which his mother replied “well sometimes these things can happen, don’t worry, we are going to make another cake.”

Together they made another cake in much less time than the previous one and this one looked even better.

When they arrived at the grandmother’s house to give her the cake, she was happy and said, you have surprised me with my favorite cake! Thank you, I imagine they had a lot of work doing it “and they laughed hugging saying” yes that has been a lot of work, but we love to have made you happy with this gift.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.