The dog under the umbrella

The dog under the umbrella

On a cloudy day in early winter, Eleazar was returning home after a long day at work.

But before him he had to make a stop to buy some things for dinner, so he was going to go to a store near his house.

When he had already bought everything and was ready to go to his house, he left the store and he found a dog and at that moment loud thunder began to fall, which scared him and he jumped into Eleazar’s shoes and made them dirty.

And he said “oh no, my favorite shoes, now they are ruined.”

Seeing him at first he thought he had no owner until he saw his necklace.

So he thought that his owner did not delay, but time passed and his owner did not come to look for him and the dog did not move from the place.

And he said “maybe he won’t move until his owner comes back.”

Then he started to rain and he worried that the dog was going to get wet.

So he took out his umbrella to cover it from the rain until its owner returned.

But since no one was arriving and he thought he had been abandoned.

He devised a way that the umbrella could be attached to a nearby tree that was in the place, so that it would be covered all night without getting wet.

The next day he returned to see if his owner had returned, but the dog was still outside the store.

So every day he would come back to feed him and see if someone would come looking for him.

As days passed, the dog was still in the same place and Eleazar began to love him.

The dog loved him too and they had both created a great bond of friendship.

Seeing this, Eleazar began to try to convince him to go to his house, to be part of his family.

Until one day when Eleazar was going to his house, the dog seemed to be following him.

Eleazar first thought that he had moved because he had found his owner.

And then he realized that he had actually found his owner, but that it was not the person who had abandoned him but him, who had become the true owner and friend during all this time.

When they arrived at the house, Eleazar hugged him saying “welcome to your new home and your new family.”

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.