Daniel's big plane

Daniel’s big plane

On a big sunny day, Daniel was very excited because he was going to fly his new toy plane for the first time, when he started flying it he was soaring to great heights and it was really fantastic until suddenly it started to descend unexpectedly and had a big fall, which caused it to be damaged.

When this happened, he could not believe how quickly the plane had been damaged.

So he and his mother went to the store where they had bought it, so that they could get it repaired or get a new plane.

When they got to the store they were treated and told that this model was having problems and was easily damaged, so they gave him a new one and he was ready to start flying his plane.

The next day when he was going to start flying the plane that had been delivered to him, he was very happy until he observed that the plane was not flying at high altitudes and every so often it turned off.

So this got Daniel thinking, “How about I build a big and sturdier airplane so it can fly at high altitudes and won’t break so easily?”

But then when imagining this, several questions began to arise “how do I build it? What could be the best idea to put into practice?

He thought about all this for a while until it was decided that he was going to build the best airplane possible, so that it wouldn’t get damaged every time he started flying it.

So he had to find all the necessary information to get started and so he went straight to the library to investigate the best way to create his great plane.

Upon arrival, he observed many interesting things and discovered new ideas that would be of great help in achieving his goal.

So when he got all the information, he went to look for the materials that he could find in his house, to start building his big plane.

He gathered all the materials and began building his plane.

Weeks went by and he managed to finish his incredible plane.

So he was ready to fly his plane, but to his surprise it was not flying as he expected and he began to check what might be preventing the plane from flying as he wanted.

Then he discovered that it was a problem with the weight of the plane and so he made some changes so that it will rise as high as he had always wanted.

When he had finished making the necessary changes and is ready to fly, he went to test the plane and it was flying at unimaginable heights, it was truly incredible.

He was very excited flying his big plane, he had finally made it.

Then the other children asked him how it is that your plane does not break as fast as the others.

So he helped them by devising each one of his planes and they were turning into reality each illusion of wanting an amazing and resistant airplane.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative