The bluish sea lion

The bluish sea lion

In one of the coldest seasons of the year, a group of sea lions would be found under the depths of the ocean.

Where there was a sea lion, named Isaac, who stood out for his bright blue color, which always stood out everywhere.

Isaac along with the other sea lions was touring the ocean and since they had been underwater for a long time, they were preparing to finish their tour and come to the surface.

When suddenly a heavy snowstorm fell and they were trapped under a large layer of ice without being able to surface.

As they could not get out, everyone was scared and each one began to push the ice to break it and get to the surface.

But after several attempts they still could not break the ice sheet, so they began to look for the best way to get to the surface.

While they were thinking about various ideas they realized that the side where they were trying to get out was one of the parts where the ice layer was thicker and since they were trying individually that way they were not going to be able to free themselves from the ice, so they had they all had to join together to be able to find where the thinnest part of the ice layer was, to be able to come to the surface together.

After a while many ideas came up and within all of them they needed to choose the best one to be able to go out, so together they decided which would be the best idea that would work according to what they expected.

Within the plan they had in mind, they would use the resplendent blue color that stood out on Isaac to take them to the most fragile part of the ice sheet so that they could all break it together.

Isaac was going to be a form of lighthouse, where he would guide them to find the correct path they should follow.

So after having everything planned, all together with Isaac’s guidance began to look for the thinnest part and to follow everything according to what was planned.

When they managed to find it, they all came together in the form of a block.

And they all said “united we will conquer the ice.”

Together they fought and together they managed to break the ice sheet into several pieces and then they came to the surface.

When everyone was released from the ice they said “together we have been able to overcome the ice cap, this is great.”

Everyone was happy to have made it and everyone was more united as a group from now on.


Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative