A sand castle

A sand castle

On a radiant weekend, a boy named Moises and his family went to visit a beautiful beach where when he arrived the first thing he noticed was how many of those who were in the place were building sand castles.

This surprised him a lot and he was excited to build a sand castle.

But that day his parents told him that the first thing they were going to do was a boat trip on the sea and then they could build a sand castle.

So they went on the boat ride and all the way he kept thinking about how he would build his sand castle.

When they returned from the boat ride, Moises was happy waiting to start building his castle.

But just when he was collecting the sand for the castle he was going to build, it started to rain very hard, so they had to leave the beach and he couldn’t build it.

Time passed, but the rain did not stop and it was already getting dark, so they could not go back to the beach and had to go home.

And then Moises asks “when can we go back to the beach?”

The Dad replies “well son, it will be for the next year in the summer season.

When he heard that, he knew that he had missed the opportunity to build his sand castle that he had wanted so much and maybe it was going to be a long time before he could build it.

When he got home, his Dad saw the disappointment of Moisés, who knew it was because he had not been able to build the sand castle.

He told him “son, not everything is lost, I have an idea, but it will not be easy at all.”

And Moises agreed and was very happy for the hope that his Dad had given him to build the castle.

His Dad began by saying “my idea is to bring some sand to put in the backyard of the house so we can make a big sand castle.”

When they were already preparing everything to start the castle, they discovered that there was sand of different colors.

So they also gathered the sand of different colors and with that they began the construction of their castle.

On the way there were days that due to the rain they could not continue building the huge castle, so they stopped and covered the castle, so that it would not be damaged.

But then they continued with the construction, in order to finish building it.

When they finished the great sand castle, it was something incredible and more because it had been built in a place without beaches in the surroundings.

It was full of many colors and it was really huge the size they had managed to reach.

And Moisés said to his Dad with a big smile “thank you Dad, what we have been able to achieve is something wonderful and it shows that nothing is impossible”


Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative