Jonas and his grandfather -an adventure on the great lake

Jonas and his grandfather -an adventure on the great lake

On a sunny and radiant Sunday, little Jonas excitedly waited for his grandfather to come looking for him to take him on a great adventure.

He had been looking forward to this day all week, because he loved having great adventures with his grandfather and also because he was going to take him to see the great lake that he had been waiting to go for a long time.

Suddenly his grandfather’s car broke down and this would delay him a little on the way to his grandson’s house.

Jonas, without knowing what happened, kept thinking that his grandfather was coming and his mother was telling him to wait a while, that maybe it will come soon.

Then the grandfather called Jonas and told him that he was running a little late and that he wasn’t sure if he could make it on time.

Hearing this, Jonas felt a little disappointed, but his mother tells him not to worry, that maybe it would not take so long to resolve this mishap.

Time passed and Jonas kept waiting without his grandfather arriving, so he was already convinced that his grandfather was not going to be able to arrive in time to go on the planned trip.

Then, surprisingly, the grandfather managed to fix the damage to the car in less time than expected and he continued on his way to his grandson’s house.

When he arrived at his grandson’s house, Jonas was very happy and said ¡you finally arrived!

Prepared, they set out for the adventure of the great lake.

When they reached the big lake, Jonas said to his grandfather “wow that’s amazing! It is much more amazing than I had imagined in the stories you were telling”. The grandfather told him “yes, knowing this place, you realize how wonderful it is to admire the lake surrounded by this beautiful view “.

The lake had various fish, beautiful ducks of different colors in the surroundings, such a refreshing breeze with which it allowed to better appreciate the beautiful landscape, which was surrounded by trees with birds singing.

The grandfather was teaching and explaining each species of animals and trees that were in the place until sunset.

Jonas was amazed with everything he learned and the great view of the place.

When they were leaving Jonas said “thank you grandfather, this place has become one of my favorite places.” “It is incredible to have great moments and adventures as a family as it has been in this unforgettable adventure.”

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.