A wonderful birthday day

A wonderful birthday day

In a large and beautiful forest, there lived a sloth named Daniel, who always hung on the trees and did very little during the day, but because it was his birthday he wanted to have a day that was different and full of fun.

At that moment while he was thinking about it, he was surprised by an adventurous monkey who was following a trail of food, which had been left by the birds.

And Daniel told him “I have always lived in this forest and I had never seen you, ¿how did you get here?”

To which the monkey replied “well I have come this far, because I am following a trail in search of food that the birds have left, if you want you can come, it will be a great adventure.”

Then Daniel said “yes we go, actually I was waiting for a great adventure and especially today that is my birthday.”

So both of them were going to start a great adventure in search of the food trail.

Before following the trail, the monkey asked him if he wanted some fruit, which he had for the road.

So Daniel accepted it and ate some to be full of energy for the great adventure.

So being ready, they followed the path in search of the food trail.

But when they advanced a little further, they found that the trail of food was spread out in various directions and now it would be more difficult to find the right path.

And the monkey said “what if we separated and each one went along a different trail.”

To which Daniel said “well, there are several paths and even though we part ways, it may be more difficult for us to find the right one, so the best thing will be to stick together and choose a single path.”

The monkey thought a bit and said “you are right, separating will be much more difficult for us to achieve what we are looking for, so now we have to think about which could be the right path.”

So they thought for a while, until between them they decided the path they were going to follow.

As they followed that path, they found that the food path was beginning to fade and they were a bit hesitant to move forward.

But Daniel said “let’s go on, maybe we’ll find something when we get there.”

Then they continued and to their surprise if it was the right way and there was all the food that the monkey had imagined.

And they said “wow, this is amazing.”

They had found a large quantity of food, which was next to a beautiful river.

They both ate and as they had already finished the great adventure, the monkey said «well this adventure is over and now I am going to go in search of another adventure, ¿do you want to come Daniel?

But Daniel replied “no thanks, I have had a fantastic adventure and what seemed like an ordinary day has turned into an extraordinary one, it has really been a wonderful birthday that I will never forget.

They both said goodbye and continued on their paths, hoping that one day they would meet again.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.