My first boots

My first boots

On a radiant afternoon, Janelle waited with great emotion for the arrival time of her father’s flight to go to look for him along with her mother, who was returning to the city after a long trip.

So when she was getting closer to the arrival time of the flight they left on their way to the airport.

They were both very happy to meet him again after several weeks.

When they got to the airport they waited for a while for the flight to arrive.

When he arrived, the moment they saw him, they ran to hug him very excited for his return.

And then after that they were on their way back home.

When they arrived at the house, the dad said that he had brought some gifts from the trip and inside those were some beautiful boots.

But since his dad was tired, he told her that he would deliver the gifts early in the morning.

The next morning, Janelle was very excited and anxious to know what the boots would be like, when the father woke up he showed her the beautiful boots, they were all made of leather, perfect for the cold, she used them all the time and they had become her favorite shoe.

One day when she was walking she stumbled on a sidewalk and they got hurt a bit.

The boots had peeled off in some parts

So her father told her that together they could repair them.

Hearing this, she was excited because she would have his boots like when she first had them.

Then between her and her father they began to repair them, they were gluing each part that was detached with a special rubber.

When they finished repairing them, they didn’t look the same, the rubber dulled certain parts of the boots.

So dad had the idea of ​​hiding all the rubber traces that could be seen on the boots.

This he was going to do by creating small flower designs with ribbons of different colors and he would place them in the parts where the rubber was.

So he looked for ribbons of different colors that he had stored and gradually placed them around the boots.

When the boots were fully repaired, they were ready to be tried on and Janelle began wearing them again.

Now they looked very pretty and Janelle said “Thanks dad for your great help, the boots look beautiful, they are even prettier than when you first brought them to me.

She was very happy wearing her very special boots all over the place.


Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative