My first eclipse

My first eclipse

In a beautiful city lived Jacob and his daughter Susana.

They always liked to create great ideas and turn them into extraordinary things.

And so they were thinking about what their next idea might be, what they would do in a great way.

They wanted to do something different that they had not done before.

Then, while they were thinking, they suddenly heard an announcement on the radio that there would be an eclipse.

Hearing this, her Dad said “that’s a great idea, do you want us to see the approaching eclipse?”

To which she replied “yes, it seems like a great idea, that is going to be an extraordinary day.”

This generated a lot of enthusiasm for her and she wished that the date would come soon when they would be able to see an eclipse for the first time.

Then they would start looking for the best place near the house where the telescope could be placed and thus observe it as they had hoped for so long.

Having found the perfect spot, they began to assemble the telescope and gathered everything they needed to see the amazing eclipse.

When they finished they had everything ready to see the long-awaited eclipse and they only waited for the time to arrive when it could be observed.

But since they had both prepared so much and made a great effort to have everything ready while waiting for the eclipse, they felt a bit tired.

And since they were somewhat tired, they decided to rest a little, to see the eclipse according to what they had programmed.

So while they rested, the hours passed without realizing and when they woke up and were ready to observe it, they realized that the eclipse had already passed and they had not been able to see it.

And she said “oh no, we missed a great opportunity to see the long-awaited eclipse.

Then the Dad tells him that even though they had missed the opportunity for the long-awaited eclipse he could come up with something and that they could see a totally different eclipse.

So he he started looking for some ideas to achieve what he was envisioning.

After a while of trying so hard he managed to create the effect of the eclipse and it looked so real through the telescope.

So he called her daughter and told her to come see the eclipse even though it was not the one they had been waiting for so long.

When the daughter looked through the telescope, she observed what looked like an eclipse and she said “this is incredible, it is very real.”

She was very happy and she said to her Dad “thank you, this has been really great.”

Both had been able to make the idea of ​​seeing an eclipse come true, although it had been something different from what was originally imagined.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative