The beautiful dragonfly

The beautiful dragonfly

On a beautiful morning, a tailor named David was on his way to deliver all the orders, which he had been working on for a few days.

While he was distributing the orders, everything was going according to what he had planned until it was time to deliver a beautiful yellow shirt, he started looking for it everywhere, but he could not find it anywhere in the car.

And he says “Oh no! I’ve forgotten the shirt at home, I’ll have to go back to look for it.”

Therefore, I return home to find the yellow shirt and be able to deliver it on time.

Upon entering the house, he found a rare dragonfly, which was large and beautifully colored.

And he was in the yellow shirt, which he had to deliver.

Then David says “How did the dragonfly get in? As he began to check all the parts of the house, he found that one of the windows was broken.

And he said “ahh, it was through this window that the dragonfly entered.

David was very scared of dragonflies and this complicated things, to be able to deliver the shirt on time.

And he didn’t know how he could get her out of the house and the dragonfly didn’t seem to want to leave either.

Then he said ‘How could I get the dragonfly out of the house?

As time was passing and he had to deliver the yellow shirt.

He began to find out how he could get her out and overcome his fear of insects.

Then he started to put into action the ideas I had been looking for, to try to get the dragonfly out of the house.

With the first ideas that he had tried, they did not work as he expected, to get the dragonfly to come out.

So the next idea that he tried would have to be the best possible one, to get him to come out and be able to wear the shirt on time.

Then while he kept thinking he remembered Manuel, his old neighbor who was an expert on insects, so he called him to ask him the best possible way to make the dragonfly come out.

And Manuel told him an idea and explained everything he had to do.

After that, he tried that idea that Manuel told him.

And after a while he finally managed to get the dragonfly out.

Then the beautiful dragonfly flew freely out of the house again.

With everything that happened, he was able to overcome his fear of dragonflies, although it was not easy to achieve it.

After that, he grabbed the yellow shirt and went to give it to the person who was waiting for it.

There wasn’t much time left, but he was able to deliver it on time and the person who received it was thrilled with the shirt.

Everything had ended in a wonderful way, on a day full of unexpected things.


Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative