The geese in the vineyards

The geese in the vineyards

In a beautiful place surrounded by a wonderful view, there was a large vineyard where Ana lived very quietly.

Until one morning she began to hear a lot of noises.

When she went to see what was causing the noise, it was a goose.

And Ana said «how did he get to the vineyard?

Then at that very moment more geese began to arrive and within a few hours there were large numbers of them in the vineyard.

Since Ana did not like to hear loud noises, she wanted them to return to her place of origin.

So she began to look for many ways, so that they would leave the vineyard and thus not continue listening to the noises they made.

So she kept track of where they came from and when she found it she said “I have a great idea.”

The idea was that she was going to leave them a food path from the vineyard to where they came from, for everyone to follow and return to that place.

And in that way, she would have the tranquility that she so much wanted.

Then she began to place everything that the geese ate, which were leaves, seeds and fruits.

So she continued for a while until she was able to finish and when everything was ready.

She showed them the food trail and the geese seeing all that food, they all followed the path until they returned to her place of origin.

When Ana observed this, she said “They have left, I have finally made it, I will have the silence and tranquility that I had before”.

Everything had ended as she expected and she was very happy.

But to her surprise the next day all the geese returned to the vineyard again.

So she kept trying ideas to get everyone to leave.

But nothing she tried was working to get them back to their place of origin.

One day while she was in the vineyard she observed a small injured goose arrive and she ran to help him.

She helped and cared for him for several days until the little goose recovered.

And then the least expected happened, by spending so much time with the little goose caused her to change with them and now she had grown fond of all the geese.

Ana and the geese had become inseparable, something she never thought could happen.

She already loved hearing the noises of all the geese.

And since she was so fond of them, she created an area for them to rest and thus always be in the best conditions, Ana and the geese had become a great family.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative