The beautiful landscape of flowers

The beautiful landscape of flowers

In a beautiful place surrounded by a lot of nature, a girl named Janet would always enjoy all the scenery and the great smells of the flowers.

One day suddenly the place announced that it would close forever and when this happened, Janet was a little disappointed that she would no longer see the fantastic display of the flower landscape.

But when the pope heard this he said, “How about if we make our own place for flowers, even if it is a little smaller, we can have a great variety of flowers and thus continue to appreciate how wonderful a flower landscape is.”

This idea excited Janet a lot, because so she could continue enjoying a wonderful landscape full of colorful and beautiful flowers.

So they started looking for a place that would suit the idea they were thinking about.

So they went through various places until they found a small space, which was the perfect fit for what they needed.

After having the place, they began the design and the search for the best flowers, for the adaptation of their wonderful idea.

The days passed and little by little they were building everything they had devised until they could finish it.

So when everything was ready, the place looked beautiful and they got ready for the grand opening.

Which would take place in a few days, but suddenly something unexpected happened and it was that it began to rain very hard without stopping for several days, which caused an overflow of the river that was near the site and they could not go to check if there had been any damage until the rain stopped.

So they waited for a few days for the rain to stop and for the river to be back on its course.

When all that happened Janet and her father went to check if there had been damage to the place.

When they arrived, they saw that half of the flowers and what they had built had been damaged.

Then Janet said “Waoo Dad, a lot of the things we have built have been damaged and we will not be able to open in the time we expected.”

To which the father said “Don’t worry Janet, you will see that together we will find a way to solve everything that has been damaged and the inauguration of this wonderful place can be held.

So the first thing they did was check all the things that had been damaged and then replace them.

So when they finished reviewing everything, they began the renovation of the entire affected area and along the way new ideas arose such as placing a fountain around the flowers and also making certain spaces for people to better admire the beautiful panorama they would have.

At the end everything looked more beautiful than the first time and now everything was ready for the grand opening of the place.

When they opened, it was full of many people and they were excited by how everyone loved the place and that it had been a great success, although they had had certain problems along the way, between Janet and her dad they managed to solve all things in a great way .

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative