The salt man: a great superhero

The salt man: a great superhero

In a small town with great beaches, there lived a man named Emanuel.

The place was distinguished by having very salty waters and that is why it was one of the areas where a lot of salt was produced.

So he was dedicated to extracting large amounts of salt, which were produced by the great salinity of seawater.

One day while he was working extracting salt near the shores of the beach, the sun was very strong and he felt very tired, so it was decided that he would rest for a while and he fell asleep.

But in the part where he rested he was very full of salt and a strong wind began to make, which was covering everything and without realizing it was full of salt.

And since there was so much salt and he was in the middle of the huge containers, a truck came to look for all the salt and along with the salt it fell into the truck.

When he woke up he said ‘where am I?

I was in another city and everything was covered in salt, but that was not just any kind of sea salt but a very thick one and much heavier than anywhere else.

And that’s why it was a very special sea salt.

I try to get out of the truck as quickly as possible, but it was not so easy to do it, because of how heavy the salt was.

And he was still stuck in the truck with all that huge amount of salt.

So he tried to slow it down a bit and work on every movement he made to get rid of all the salt, to get out of the truck.

After a long time, he was finally able to get out of the truck, but he was still quite covered in salt.

So he looked like he was in a dress of salt.

Being almost all full of salt, he observed a rabbit that was in a sewer and the reflections of him made him quickly go to help him.

So he helped him, so that he could get out of the sewer without getting hurt.

Everyone when they saw what he did, they were surprised how he had been able to rescue the rabbit.

And they said “the man has rescued him salt”, all clapped and shouted full of joy.

Without having expected it, he had become the center of everyone’s attention.

So he tried to say “this was not such a big deal.”

And they told him, in reality, heroes do not grow by doing great things, heroes with small actions become someone who revolutionizes everything, as you have done.

Now you will be the salt man, he was very surprised by everything that had happened and very happy to help others.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative