A white spot in the art paint

A white spot in the art paint

Two children named Daniel and Miriam loved to visit the house of their aunt Judit, who was a painter of works of art.

When their mother told them they were going to spend the whole weekend with their aunt, they both jumped for joy.

So they got ready to get everything ready and headed for their aunt’s house.

When they arrived they greeted her aunt and she was as happy as they were.

They were also happy to see her aunt’s rabbit, he was very furry and very playful.

She had everything ready to start painting in the large painting room, they were excited to start painting.

When they saw all the bright and different colored materials, they wanted to use all of them, but they were only going to choose a few, so it took them a while to decide which one they wanted to start painting with.

Their aunt left them for a moment and told them that she was not long in coming back, that they could start painting.

So they first imagined that they would like to paint and then they began to design each their drawing with the colors they were going to use.

Everything was going well until they got distracted by the funny things the rabbit did and started playing with the rabbit.

And by accident part of one of the colors they were using to paint fell on a painting of his aunt and now it had a huge white stain.

They both said “Oh no! what do we do now”.

And Daniel said “we have to think about how we will solve the paint stain.”

So they tried various things to remove the stain from the paint, but the entire stain would not come off.

Then Miriam remembered something that her aunt had taught her when she was painting and then they put that idea into practice.

The entire stain was almost finished removing, but there were still traces of the stain.

So they were a little scared by the reaction their aunt would have.

When she returned to where they were, I ask them how she had done with her paintings and if they had fun.

At that moment they had to tell him everything that had happened.

They said with a little nervous “you know aunt, a white spot has fallen on this paint”.

Then she told them “the important thing was that they had the courage to tell me what happened and I appreciate that very much, that they always be honest with me.”

She also told them that painting was actually practice and it wasn’t very important.

So they just laughed and hugged their aunt.


Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative