The Beaver Pond

The Beaver Pond

Within the incredible nature, full of many colors and animals lived David, a hard-working and dreamy beaver, who loved to discover new things every day.

He had a great dream of finding a beautiful place to build his perfect home, where he could enjoy and admire the great beauty of nature while he took a little rest after working each day.

That is why he always kept looking for that truly amazing place that was the same as what he had always imagined.

While that happened he continued his course through all nature.

Suddenly, on a very rainy day, a great storm occurred that was so strong that it shook all of nature.

As the heavy rain passed, he decided to stay in a safe place where he always went when big storms occurred.

At the end of the great storm, David decided to go out to follow his path and since there were several blocked parts he had to take another path through areas where he had never passed before.

So by going that different path, he discovered a beautiful place and said “this place is perfect to build my dream home.”

He had finally found it, it was a beautiful pond, surrounded by a beautiful view.

He was very excited and then he would go to find all the necessary materials that he had gathered for quite some time, to adapt it to his new home.

Going to find all the things that he had gathered for quite some time, he found that many of the things were no longer where he had regularly left them, because the great storm had been so strong, that it had removed and damaged the vast majority of the stuff.

So seeing this, he started looking for new materials and found some tree branches and sticks, perfect for building what he had in mind.

Then after having gathered everything necessary, he little by little took the materials that he had collected to the beautiful place, to begin the construction of the home he dreamed of.

When he finished bringing all the materials, he began to build his home, but there were strong winds that limited him to advance faster.

So he was not moving so fast, but everything was taking a wonderful shape, to achieve his dream home.

After a while he was able to finish it and was happy to have a wonderful new home.

His home by the pond looked beautiful, it had transformed it into the place he had always envisioned.

At last he had been able to fulfill the dream, which he had always had.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative