The Yellow Sofa

The Yellow Sofa

On a cloudy day and the onset of a heavy rain approaching, Miguel was heading home after a great day at work.

So seeing that the sky was so cloudy, he decided to take another shorter path, to be able to get to his house faster and not get wet with the rain.

He was walking as fast as possible until after a while the clouds started to move away and he looked like he wouldn’t rain.

So he continued on his way a little more slowly, to observe all the things that were around him.

And then he in the distance he observed a sofa that had been left abandoned in this place.

Seeing this, he decides to go up to the sofa and finds that it was a bit dirty and wet, but it seemed that he could have a fix even if it could be difficult.

Then he came up with a great idea for how the abandoned sofa could be put to use.

His idea was to repair it and donate it to the community, so that people could sit and rest for a while, because as in the small town there were very few places to sit, he wanted to contribute to change that and this would be the beginning.

When he brought it home he started his plan to renovate it and make it a beautiful sofa.

He began to dry it and when he finished, he began to try to remove all the dirt and restore the beautiful color, but with nothing you could remove the dirt.

So after a while, he decided to seek help to get the sofa renovated.

Therefore, he called his brother Jonas that he was very good at fixing different kinds of things.

Upon arriving and seeing the sofa, Jonas says “this seems like it will be complicated, but with a lot of work we can achieve it.”

So they began to use other techniques that Jonas knew and with that they were managing to remove all the dirt.

After removing all the dirt, since the sofa would function as an outdoor seat, they covered it with a waterproof layer, so that it was protected from any type of weather.

When they finished, the sofa looked beautiful, it had a wonderful bright yellow color and it looked like it was brand new, together they had done a great job.

Miguel was very happy with the result of the sofa, although it had been a great challenge to be able to renovate it, it had been overcome with great teamwork.

The idea of ​​him had made a great change and the entire community was grateful for having made this great gesture.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative