The house of lemons

The house of lemons

On a beautiful sunny day, Josue had everything ready to plant a lemon tree in his large garden.

Because he loved lemons he had always wanted to have a big lemon tree, but every tree he planted did not grow and all the leaves wilted.

But he thought that with this tree that he was going to plant he would be different, because it had been given to him from one of the most fertile lands in the city.

Then he said “this tree will grow big and I will have a shower of lemons in my garden.”

He was very excited about all the lemons that could grow on the tree.

After having planted the tree, weeks passed and everything was going well, the tree was growing and it looked like it would produce a lot of lemons.

It kept growing and little lemons began to grow.

When he saw this, he was very excited, because finally he would have his lemons in the garden.

But they were still a bit small, so he had to wait a little longer until they finished growing.

After a few weeks the lemons grew huge and the tree also grew so large that many branches began to grow on its neighbor’s side.

As the lemons had already grown enough, he could harvest them, to taste their first fruits.

When he finished collecting them all, he went to taste them and said “wow, this lemon is a delight”.

The tree produced so many lemons every day that it seemed that it was raining lemons and left a carpet covering the ground.

As he kept all the lemons and did not share them he felt that the tree was producing too much and he did not know what he could do with them, so he decided to cut it down a bit.

But by cutting down the tree thinking that he was going to stop producing, it only stopped producing lemons on his side of the garden and only started growing on his neighbor’s side.

The tree threw so many lemons that hundreds of them fell to the ground every day, it was impressive how it produced that immense amount of lemons, it was much more than before.

When that happened, Josue thought that his neighbor would not give him any and he would keep all of them, as he did when he had so many lemons.

But it was just the opposite, his neighbor even offered to pick the lemons daily, so that he would always have.

So Josue was very grateful to his neighbor and he understood that his neighbor always showed him his support and he never intended to take all the lemons and he learned that the most important thing was to share.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative