The big wall of boxes

The big wall of boxes

In a city with a beautiful beach, a man named Simón lived with his family and they loved to see the beautiful sunset in front of the sea every day.

Until one day the construction of large buildings began around the beach and all these covered all the view they had always had.

They were all sad, because maybe they would never have such a beautiful view as they always had.

Then Simon told them “I am going to find a way for us to have the beautiful view of the sea again so that we can enjoy it together as a family.”

By saying this, he gave everyone a little hope and they were excited about the idea.

But maybe this was not going to be easy at all and he was going to have to do everything possible to make it happen as he had told his family.

He was thinking many ideas to discover which one could become the best,

Among all the ideas, one of the ones that convinced him the most was to build a wall of boxes.

So after a long time of putting his idea into practice and trying several times, he realized that it didn’t really work, because he couldn’t keep all the boxes together without them collapsing.

After several days, his youngest son, seeing that what everyone expected could not be achieved,

He tells him “Dad, I want to help you so that we can all enjoy the beautiful view we had again”.

The dad says “Thank you son”, together we are going to make this a reality ”.

He also tells him “as soon as we finish doing all this, you will see that we will be able to observe the great view that we appreciated before”.

After this Simon, he went to walk to the city for a while to find new ideas and on the way he observed a place that made articles with recyclable materials.

Then at that moment he came up with a brilliant idea that he hadn’t thought of.

He said “I got it !, this idea will be great”.

On the way back, he was building in his mind how he could carry out his project.

As he had in the warehouse many accumulated materials as he had seen in that place, he decided that he was going to reuse the plastic materials and some scraps of aluminum sheets that he had stored for a long time.

With that he was going to make some reused aluminum and plastic boxes, to later turn it into a kind of a large wall and that he was going to call “The big wall of boxes”.

When he got home, he began to gather everything in silence to unite everything and begin to build his great idea, because he wanted to surprise his family.

So he started construction at night, so that at dawn he could show them the wonderful finished work.

He worked all night, when it was dawn, what he thought was going to be less complicated and that it would finish quickly, it was not as he expected and at that moment he accepted that he was not going to be able to finish it alone.

And he remembered the words of his youngest son, so he called everyone to help him and together finish his great idea.

It took several days, but they succeeded, it was something incredible, at first they could not believe it.

When everything was ready everyone got together and climbed onto their big wall of boxes to once again see the beautiful view together as a family.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.