My favorite sandals

My favorite sandals

On a great day, a little girl named Daniela, was very happy because she had won a fabulous prize from a contest she had participated in.

As the award would be a surprise, she was very curious to know what it might be that she would receive.

So she went to pick it up and when she opened it it was beautiful sandals.

They were her first sandals that she received like the ones she had won in the contest and she was delighted with them.

They were beautiful, they had flower designs and they were very colorful.

She went everywhere with them and she almost never wanted to go out unless she had them on, they had become her favorite shoes.

She told her mother “I will never stop using them, because they are my favorites.”

But her mother said “yes daughter, but one day when your foot grows bigger, you will be able to find others that are similar or better.”

When she was growing her foot, the sandals began to be a little small for the size of the foot, but she was not taking as much importance.

Until her foot was red and she began to hurt the pressure of the sandals.

Then she Daniela said “but I don’t want to leave my favorite sandals.”

Then his mother replied «sometimes we have to leave some things, in order to have the opportunity to try something different, such as new and perhaps more beautiful sandals, although you can always keep them as a nice souvenir, which can also form part of the memories of another girl.

When she heard everything her mother said she changed her mind and said to her mother »I will only keep a nice memory of them, because I really can’t use it anymore and maybe they can be part of another girl’s memories and she likes them so much like me”.

So she decided to give them away so that another girl would also have the opportunity to have them just like her.

When she gave them to another girl, she told him that she will take good care of them, because those were her favorite sandals.

When the girl saw them she loved them and told her that from now on they had become her favorites as well.

Seeing this, Daniela was happy because she knew that her favorite sandals would be taken care of as much as she did and now it was time to look for sandals her size.

When she found others she said “if with these sandals I feel very good, they are beautiful, I will take good care of them like my favorite sandals.”

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.