The bows expert - an incredible story

The bows expert – an incredible story

A little girl named Annie, who was very creative and was very excited because she was going to have her first craft class.

She had enrolled in many different classes for different things, but so far she had never found her true skill, the one she would love to do.

Out of all the things she was going to be taught in the craft class, she liked it when they started teaching her how to make bows.

She observed that it was something so simple, yet so beautiful.

When she tried what seemed simple, it was not so, the bows came out very different from the ones made by the person who taught her.

She kept trying, but all the ones she made were very different from what should be the shape of a bow.

But she wanted to keep trying, because it was something that she felt for the first time could become her great skill.

After trying so hard, she was able to figure out what was missing to make her bows beautiful and perfect.

When she made her first perfect loop she said “wao, I could do it”.

So she had discovered a great agility to make bows, it was really amazing.

She made them so easily that it seemed as if she had always made them.

She had a great imagination and loved to take on many challenges, to come up with impressive things.

Over time she had been improving certain details, to become an expert in bows.

She could make bows of any kind and with any material.

She had become such a good maker that she could make huge designs and figures with lots of bows, it was fantastic.

Although it was not easy at first, she had been able to find her fantastic skill and had become an expert in bows.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered with SafeCreative.