Golden circles in the park

Golden circles in the park

On a sunny afternoon, in the park where many children were playing, they started to install a new playground equipment.

Everyone was waiting to see what the new playground equipment would be.

They only noticed that it had shiny parts that stood out to the naked eye.

As they were installing the attraction in the park, everyone was saying which ride they would put in, but no one was really sure which ride it would be until they finished installing it.

When they finished installing it, they discovered that the ride was called the golden circles.

All the kids saw that the ride was ready to use, they quickly ran to try it out and when they did they loved it, so it became the favorite attraction in the park.

So as everyone wanted to play on it, it made the park more and more crowded to play in the golden circles.

Until one night a big storm hit and damaged several parts of the golden circles ride.

Then it could no longer be used and so the park stopped being as visited as it had been since the start of the golden circles attraction.

So at that time, only a few children were attending.

And they said “now what do we do?”

And Santiago appeared, who was part of the children that always visited the park before it became famous for the attraction that everyone liked.

Then he had the idea of uniting all those who were attending the park and so work together to bring it back to the way it was before.

Then he said “let’s get together and between all of us we will repair the golden circles”.

When he said this, they agreed and began to repair the golden circles together.

While repairing the game they thought about making some adjustments to make it better than before.

When they finished, they had all made a great effort to repair the golden circles.

And Santiago “said without everyone’s help it would not have been possible, now let’s play!

Then they all laughed and started to play again.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.