The yellow trees – a great story in the town

The yellow trees – a great story in the town

On a great day Samantha and her mother arrived to live in a new city.

Samantha was very happy to know everything there was in the place, on the way to the house where they would live she saw everything with much amazement and observed everything in detail.

On the way she noticed some big and beautiful yellow trees.

Then she said “look mom, those amazing yellow trees, they are so great, I have never seen any like them before, ¿can we go and take a closer look?

The mom said “yes daughter, they are very beautiful, as soon as we get to the new house and organize everything, we can have the opportunity to see them closer”.

As it was the first time Samantha had seen them, she was impressed to see them.

They were very pretty, a beautiful yellow color and they were everywhere.

When they arrived at the new house, they began to organize everything and while they were doing it, all she could think and talk about was going to see the great yellow trees.

So when they finished they went to walk the streets of the city and see the beautiful yellow trees.

She was happy to see up close how colorful the yellow trees were, they looked as if they were a set of paintings.

As the hours passed and it was getting a little late, mom told her that it was time to go home and that tomorrow they could see the yellow trees again.

So the next day they returned and continued to return daily, every time she saw them she was still excited and impressed as if it was the first time she saw them.

But one day Samantha began to see that the yellow flowers on the trees were falling off and that was because it was getting close to the change of season, she asked her mom “¿why are the beautiful yellow flowers falling off the trees?, we won’t have yellow trees anymore”.

Her mother told her not to worry, as a new season was coming, it was time for everything around her to change, just like when they moved to the new town, so just as she had discovered the yellow trees she could discover new things so beautiful in this new season that was coming and also that next year she could see the beautiful trees blooming again with their wonderful yellow color.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.