The little heron in the park

The little heron in the park

In a large park by the sea a beautiful little heron of different colors named Dana had arrived.

She loved touring the entire park since dawn and she rested when the cooling breeze stopped.

Because she was the only one of her kind in the place, many of the visitors were surprised to see her and were very excited to take photos of her.

Some tried to get closer, but the moment the heron noticed, she immediately left the place.

One day she meets a boy named Saúl, he was visiting the park for the first time with his mother, because he had just moved to the city.

He had carried his great kite, which he had been building for several days, which flew so high that it was almost covered by clouds.

Then the boy when he saw the heron, he was amazed by the different colors it had and without realizing it the kite fell quickly and accidentally almost fell on the heron.

But falling so quickly, she fell into a tree and lost his favorite kite.

The heron at that moment, frightened, left the place to a far away place where it was hardly frequented by visitors.

When this happened, the boy was a little disappointed that he had lost his kite on the first day he used it.

And he tells his mother “it can’t be, that was my favorite kite, that she had been working for a long time to finish it.”

The mother says “don’t worry son, we can build another kite and it will be as beautiful as the one that fell on the tree.”

But what Saúl wanted most was to see the heron again, which caught his attention, because he had never seen one like it.

Then he ask the mother “where could the beautiful heron have gone? She disappeared very quickly.”

The mother responds “maybe she went to the sea, tomorrow we will meet her again.”

When she tells him this, Saul is left thinking and waiting for tomorrow to see the colorful heron again.

He loved the idea of being able to admire the heron again, which had gone so quickly.

The next day the boy returned to see if the impressive heron was there, which stood out for its great color, he stayed for a long time, but he could not see the heron.

He continued to do so almost every day, but he couldn’t find her.

And he wondered, will I ever be able to find her again?

After several months, he was not so sure he would find her again and that is why he did not go to the park so often, until one day he went to the park and the heron appeared.

He was very excited to have managed to see the little heron again and said “I finally found you! “.

At the same moment that he observed the heron, he realized that it had something in its beak, it was a kind of a small plastic container.

Then he very carefully, he helped the heron by removing that container, which prevented him from eating and being freely.

When he removed the plastic, the heron left and after a while, she returned and was no longer afraid of Saúl, she seemed grateful with him.

So every day he waited for Saul to come to appear, they became so close that they managed to make an unexpected friendship.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative