The great bird shelter

The great bird shelter

On a sunny afternoon, a girl named Elenor walked for a while in the garden of her house and when she walked through it she observed that in the distance there was a nest of birds in one of the trees.

This made her very curious, so she went a little closer to see what the birds in the nest were like.

When she was quite close, he observed that there was a small bird next to his mother who was taking care of him.

Seeing this, she was very interested and every day she went to observe how the birds were.

But after a few days, when she went out to the garden for a moment, she observed that the nest was falling and that there was only the little bird.

So she went to seek help with her dad, so that together they would help the little bird very carefully and he would not get hurt.

After this, the dad had the idea of ​​making a huge bird house, where there could be a large number of birds and that could help them if they got hurt.

So he began to think of various ideas for the design and construction of a large bird shelter.

She and her dad wanted the house to be very beautiful and safe, to take care of all the injured birds and they will recover to fly again.

So when the two of them had the whole idea of ​​what they were going to do, they began to look for all the necessary materials to build the house.

The idea they had was to gather some logs for the walls and for the roof that they would design in a triangular shape, where in the inner part they would have the nests built with small twigs and some leaves.

When they finished gathering all the materials, they began the construction of the house and were happy to create this wonderful idea.

So after a few days they managed to finish building the large shelter and were ready to receive all the birds.

But after a while no birds would arrive and Elenor began to ask when will the birds arrive?

Then her dad told him “When is the true moment that the birds will arrive.”

When he said that, a few days passed and the first injured bird arrived, they went between her and her dad to help her quickly, so that later she will recover in the great shelter they had built and fly again.

After that time, more birds started arriving and they were very excited about all the work they had done and will continue to do.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative