Learning to the rhythm of the melody

Learning to the rhythm of the melody

On a great day, a young man named Manuel was heading for the first time to visit a new musical art center, which had opened in the city and where he hoped to find incredible exhibits to observe.

When he arrived at the place, he began to hear wonderful musical sounds and said “The adventure of touring this place will be really great.”

Those sounds filled him with more curiosity and excitement to discover everything that was inside the place.

As he continued to advance he began to find really amazing things, that he had never seen before.

Within one of the exhibits, when he was standing in one of the squares on the floor and without noticing, he generated a sound every time he touched that part of the floor, seeing this he was very impressed.

And he said «How is this possible? Have I heard correctly?

Then a guide of the place appeared and began to explain to him that what he had heard was possible, because in some squares on the floor, when you touch them, you begin to hear different types of melodies.

Within which there is a different instrument for each square and the same sounds are never heard, because they constantly change.

This is so that the musical experience is never the same and can be lived as real as possible.

Hearing everything the guide said, he was very impressed and he was eager to continue discovering more things within the place.

As he continued walking, he found a giant-sized xylophone on the floor, which when he pressed it with his feet, wonderful melodies were heard.

He loved this part because when he played the xylophone, he sounded like he was a great music artist.

When he went further along there were more things and without realizing it he really liked the idea of ​​how melodies were created.

Then he said “In this place the music is enjoyed at every step that one advances and they become part of everything you do.”

He had begun to discover not only the great exhibits that were in the place but also the musical melodies that were truly wonderful.

Something that at first he did not expect him to discover.

After that, he went to a part on the outskirts of the place and found that every time the birds sang or if some other animal made a noise, melodies began to sound to the rhythm of what is heard in the environment.

Every part he knew continued to impress him even more.

After being in the place for a long time, he looked at the clock and observed that the hours had passed without noticing it, so it was time to go home, but everything he had experienced had been incredible.

And what he loved the most was that he was able to learn that with just one melody you can change all things and brighten everything at any time.

Without having expected it, he was able to discover his great emotion for music and how great musical sounds can transform things in an extraordinary way.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative