The great story of the anteater Lucas and the lost flute

The great story of the anteater Lucas and the lost flute

On a sunny and radiant day there was an anteater named Lucas, he was very intrepid and he loved to play beautiful melodies with his fantastic flute.

His music was so great that all the animals stopped to watch him play his wonderful melodies on his inseparable flute.

In addition to his incredible talent for playing the flute, he had a great weakness for food.

Every time he found any trace or signs of food he would go quickly to look for it and eat it until he was satisfied, and then continue playing his fantastic melodies.

One day when he was walking as usual to look for food, he suddenly noticed in the distance an area filled with lots of food, which he had never seen before.

So he went quickly to eat everything that was in that place

As he was so impressed by what he had seen and very eager to eat, he forgot about his inseparable flute.

Being satisfied by everything he had eaten, he was excited, so he wanted to play one of his melodies, but the moment he was going to do it, he realized that his flute was not there and said nooo my flute!

He searched for her in all the nearby places where he thought he might be, but he couldn’t find her and there was no trace of where he could find his flute.

So he kept looking for her in other places and nothing he did could find the flute.

Then he began to wonder “Where could he be? Will I ever find her again to play my tunes?

He thought of many ideas to find his inseparable flute and nothing worked, to each one who asked him he said that he had not seen it.

And as within all the ideas that he had thought and tried, he could not find his precious flute, he said “I have tried many ways to find it but it seems that I will not be able to find it.”

He was almost giving up while he was walking through a pollen-filled place, which he usually did not use to walk in that area, this made him sneeze so hard, that he flew very far to a part where he had not looked before and there was his inseparable flute.

And he said “Good! I could find where it was.”

After so much trying and although it seemed difficult he was able to find it.

Then he started jumping for joy at having been able to find his inseparable flute and he was so excited that he began to play such beautiful melodies, that he had never played before as he was doing at that time and everyone who was in the place was amazed with his incredible music.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative