Theater under the stars

Theater under the stars

In late summer, a whole small town was planning a spectacular play under the night stars, where everyone would gather and enjoy it as a family.

It would be the first play to be organized outdoors in the city.

The play was about a great shining star on a beautiful night.

Where Mrs. Esther was going to be the main organizer and that she would also act within the play.

She was very perfectionist and she always loved to hold all kinds of events.

The play was still a few weeks away, but everything was being organized well in advance, so that everything would go according to plan and if anything unexpected happened it could be resolved in time.

All of this was to be a spectacular event.

All the people were very excited to go to the play, because in addition to being outdoors, you could enjoy the beautiful view of the stars.

Many people participated in the auditions for the play, and among them was a little girl named Michelle, who dreamed of participating in the play.

She was ready to introduce herself, but she had forgotten everything because of her nerves and did not make a good presentation.

So, as she was not one of the best, she was not accepted to participate in the main roles of the play but only as an substitute.

Then Esther to see that Michelle was very disappointed that she could not be part of the play.

She tells her “don’t worry Michelle, I will help you improve your acting, because if at any time one of the chosen actors can’t participate, you can do it and I will teach you everything I have learned, because if the time comes you can do it in a great way”.

Hearing this, Michelle was a little happy with the help that she was going to receive from Esther.

And she said “Thank you very much for supporting me, your help is very valuable.”

So for several days Esther spent part of her time continuing to organize the event and teach Michelle.

Both were working out great.

After a while Michelle had improved a lot in her acting and one day Esther told her “you are ready”.

Michelle was very grateful for all the time that had helped her improve even though she would not be able act in the play, she was ready to act at any time.

Suddenly the news was announced that one of the actresses could not participate.

And as an substitute they proposed Michelle to play that lead role that was available in the play.

Michelle upon hearing this, she was very happy, because without having imagined she would participate in the play.

When night came it was fantastic and the stars were very bright.

Everything was ready to start the great play that had been prepared for quite some time.

Throughout the night the sky was beautiful and the stars shone like never before.

When the play started, the entire audience was loving what they were seeing and everything was turning out according to expectations.

At the end they thanked the audience and everyone was very happy for the wonderful show.

Everyone was saying how great the play had been and that seeing it under starlight was fantastic.

The first play under the stars had been a great success.

Michelle was very grateful to Esther for encouraging her to continue practicing, so that when the right time came she would act perfectly and be a success as she was in the play, where her performance was truly wonderful.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative