The wonderful blue mountains

The wonderful blue mountains

On a great summer day, Ismael and his son Lucas were preparing to embark on a great adventure in search of the great blue mountains.

This would be a wonderful adventure and full of many incredible things.

Lucas was very excited to start the great journey towards the great mountains.

In order for everything to go according to what they had in mind, this journey had been planned for several months, so that they could reach the mountains that they both hoped to admire.

So they got everything ready according to plan and started the route to the mountains.

They were both happy to arrive at the site and admire the grandiose mountains for the first time.

As they traveled along the road everything was going according to the plan they had made.

But after traveling a long way, they still could not reach the wonderful mountains.

Then it seemed that they had gotten lost and began to review the entire planned route.

So they stopped for a while while they checked to see if they were on the right track.

And then they realized that one of the roads they had taken was different, because the road they had planned to go through was closed and the one they took was a detour to another route.

So they checked the map several times and noticed that it was not very far from where they were, so they left the car and followed the route that was left to walk.

After a while of walking they were already beginning to feel a little tired.

So, Lucas began to ask his Dad “how long is it until we get there?”

And then Dad replied, “It won’t be long, we should almost be reaching the mountains.

As they continued walking, the flashes of the blue mountains could already be seen in the distance.

So both of them seeing that they were so close, they quickened their pace until they managed to get there.

They were very beautiful with different shades of very bright blue and they were surrounded by incredible scenery.

They were both very impressed by the wonder they were seeing and said “this is awesome.”

All the effort and the long journey had been worth it because they had been able to see something so wonderful that they had never appreciated anything like it before.

They then stayed for a long time admiring the beautiful mountains and resting a little before heading back home.

After that time passed, they began to prepare and have everything ready to return home.

The way home was much faster than the time it took them all the way to find the mountains.

So when they got home they were both a bit tired but happy to have managed to get there and admire the wonderful blue mountains.

This whole adventure had been great and full of incredible experiences.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative