The turtle with purple fins

The turtle with purple fins

On a good day with a great refreshing breeze, Jairo was getting ready to rest a bit after having painted the walls of his house.

As he was a little tired after finishing painting, he had left the paint containers open and at that moment his pet appeared, a curious turtle, who went to see the containers and spilled almost all the paint on his flippers without Jairo noticing what had happened.

With the colors that had fallen on the turtle, they created an effect that changed color in the sunlight.

When this happened, the turtle’s fins turned into a very bright purple, which with that could stand out wherever it was.

After having those colors on top, the turtle went out to the street where some people saw it and with the naked eye it was not seen that it was a turtle, that it had such impressive colors.

Until they got closer and discovered that it was actually a turtle.

So they were very impressed with its bright colors, because they had never seen a turtle with those colors before.

As all people thought they were the real colors of the turtle, they were very surprised and began to take photos of them because of the beauty of the colors.

When this happened, the turtle became very famous and stood out everywhere.

When Jairo woke up and saw everything that was happening “what happened? When did you become famous?”

Seeing the photos, he in that instant thought that it did not look anything like his turtle.

And then he said “he sure got stained with the paint, oh no! Now everyone thinks that your fins are purple, how can I say that I did not create this and that it was just an accident with the paint? ».

As he knew that at some point the colors of the turtle would disappear, he had to tell the whole truth, but he was going to take a while to find the best way to tell it and make everyone believe him.

As he thought about this, he began to see something different about the turtle.

When he looked at her more closely, he observed that the colors were disappearing.

And what he had imagined would happen was happening, but it was happening earlier than he thought, so he had to anticipate everything and say that in reality his fins were not that color, but had been painted purple by accident.

Everyone was disappointed to hear that news from Jairo and with that he was no longer a special turtle.

So even though he was no longer special to others, he would always remain special to Jairo.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative