The lost personalized cards

The lost personalized cards

Every year at Christmas time Isabel and her grandmother Atalía made beautiful personalized gift cards to send to family and friends.

So to start making the cards, they went to buy all the necessary materials.

They went through various places until they found everything they needed to make each card.

Having all the materials, they went back home to start making the cards.

Between them they discussed some of the many ideas she had in mind, for the designs of each one.

They were very excited to create amazing cards with all the ideas they were envisioning.

So between Isabel and her grandmother Atalía they selected the best ideas and put them on each card.

They had many colors and had been created with unique designs for each person.

At the end of everything, they called the shipping service, to collect them and deliver them to the people.

After a few hours, the delivery service arrived and collected the cards to take them to the people who would receive them.

Everything was going according to what they expected, until they received a call from the person who was going to deliver them.

The delivery man had his car damaged where he was going to deliver the shipments, so all shipments would be delayed and the cards would not be delivered on the expected date.

Isabel said “It can’t be, they won’t be there on time.”

So when the grandmother heard that, she said “we are going to look for them and we will distribute them ourselves, so that everyone receives them on time.”

They went to collect them and began the adventure of bringing the cards they had made to each person.

In each place they arrived, people thanked them with great emotion when they received their unique and personalized cards.

Everything was turning out to be incredible and what Isabel and her grandmother Atalía loved the most about her was seeing the expressions of the people when they arrived, who for the first time were distributing the cards themselves.

When the last person they had to deliver arrived, they were already a little tired from the long journey they had to make.

So after a long journey handing out each card, they headed back home.

Although some problems had arisen, everything was resolved and everyone received the beautiful cards.

The next day each person called them to return to thank them and tell them that this year they had excelled with the art of cards.

When they heard that, they were very happy and this encouraged them more to continue creating the wonderful personalized cards.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative