The sound of the butterfly

The sound of the butterfly

On a beautiful morning Isabella woke up to hear a noise near her window that she had never heard before.

It was a curious sound and she had no clue as to what could be causing it.

So she began to look for what could be the noise she was hearing, she first thought that it was her dog that made the noise, but then she realized that she was still sleeping and was not the one making that noise.

She kept looking and after a while she stopped hearing the noise and said “the sound has stopped, maybe it won’t appear again.”

And then she continued with her her day as she always did, happy that she would never hear that noise again.

She until the next day when she heard the noise again and so she continued to listen to it every day, but she could not identify what could be causing that noise.

And she said «¿what could be producing that sound? I’m going to keep looking everywhere.

Because she what she did every day she tried to find him, until she thought one day of getting up a little earlier, to see if she could solve the mystery of the sound that she heard every day.

In addition to getting up earlier, she began writing down all the places around her house that she had searched and wondering if in the places that she had searched, she had done it so quickly that she had not seen what she was producing. noise.

Her plan was ready and she was determined to find out what was causing the noise.

So she began her search and after so much searching, she managed to discover that it was a small butterfly that was producing the sound with its wings, beating them on a fence.

Then he said “ahh, that’s what has been making the noise all this time”.

She had her wings caught in the fence and couldn’t get out.

Because it was so small she hadn’t seen it, she had to be close enough to see that it was the butterfly.

Then she released the little butterfly and it was free to fly, Isabella was very happy to have helped her.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative.