The aquarium octopus

The aquarium octopus

A boy named Miguel, who loved animals and had always wanted a pet, his mother had told him that one day he could have it when the right time came.

That big day had arrived and his mother gave him the news that she was going to take him to an aquarium, so that he would adopt his first pet.

And he said “the day has finally come!”

He was jumping for joy at going to the aquarium.

When they arrived at the aquarium he was very impressed to see so many animals in such a great place.

They gave him a guided tour of the whole place and everything he saw he loved.

When observing a part where there was an octopus, Miguel was struck by the fact that it was quite small and asked the guide “¿why is the octopus so small? He had always seen that they were very big.”

The guide said “oh well, what happens is that this is the normal size of all octopuses, actually octopuses do not grow as big as they are shown on television.”

When he heard the guide’s explanation, he was surprised to discover that and as he still had some doubts he asked another question “and if they eat more food, ¿could they grow bigger?

To this he replied “no, they would not grow any more but we could affect the health of the octopuses and to take care of them you have to give them the correct diet.”

So he continued his journey until it came to the part of choosing his pet.

Of all the animals, he chose a beautiful fish with various colors and carried it in a large fish tank inside his bag.

As the bag was open where the fish tank was located, the octopus jumped into the bag that Miguel was carrying and left with him without him noticing.

When he got home and saw the octopus, he was surprised and said “¿how did you get to my bag? I have to take you back to the aquarium.”

But at that moment he thought what if I have it for a few days to test if it can grow bigger?

So he decided to keep it at his house for a few days.

In order to solve all his doubts about whether it was true that the octopus could transform into a giant size like the ones he had always seen on television.

Days passed and the octopus was still the same size.

So with that he had already convinced himself that what the guide said was true and that what he saw in the comics on television was not true as the man had told him in the aquarium.

So it was time to tell his mom what had happened to the octopus.

Then he told him everything that had happened and they both went to return the octopus to the aquarium.

When the octopus was brought back to the aquarium, he told everything that had happened to the owner of the aquarium and apologized for not returning it earlier.

Before leaving he said goodbye to the octopus and that day Miguel learned a valuable lesson in always doing the right thing.

Author: Samuel Frias Registered in SafeCreative.