The art of the good baker

The art of the good baker

From a very young age, Matías always went very early to buy his favorite bread at Mr. Félix’s bakery.

He served him daily with a big smile and sold him his hot bread.

It was something he used to do every day.

Until one day, Mr. Felix decided that because of his advanced age it was time to retire, so he was going to sell the bakery.

As soon as Matías heard the news he said “it can’t be Mr. Felix and now who’s going to be able to make bread as good as the one you make”.

To which Mr. Félix replied “surely another excellent baker will come, equal to or better than me, you just have to give him a chance.”

But Matías didn’t like that idea very much and he wanted Mr. Félix to continue running the bakery.

So he devised a plan to prevent any buyers from arriving and so Mr. Felix continued with the bakery.

Then all those who were interested in the place, he convinced them not to buy it.

A few weeks passed and no one appeared interested in buying the bakery.

And Mr. Félix said “time has passed and now I have remembered all the affection I have for this bakery, I am not so sure that I can say goodbye to this place so easily.”

When Matías heard this he was very happy and everything seemed to be working as he had thought within his plan.

So Matías went to his house very happy and suddenly Abigail appeared, a young woman who wanted to dedicate herself to the bakery as she had been a grandfather.

Then she talked to Mr. Felix and told him the whole story about her grandfather, which was the reason why she wanted to be a baker.

Hearing this story he reminded him of the beginning in the bakery, so he said “now is the time that a new story can be born in this bakery and it is with you”

So at that point he decided to sell her the bakery and they closed the deal.

The next day Matías went very early to buy his bread, but Mr. Félix was gone and he was very surprised.

Abigail very kindly asked him “do you want any bread?”

And since Matías was still amazed, she only asked him “Where has Mr. Félix gone?”

To which she replied “he sold me the bakery and left.”

That day he left for the first time without buying his bread.

Days later, he still did not go to the bakery and he remembered that Mr. Felix had told her that he just had to give the new baker who arrived a chance.

So he was in doubt about whether he was going to the bakery until he decided to go try Abigail’s bread.

When he got to the bakery he asked her for the bread he always asked for.

But she told him that this bread was not being made and offered him the other breads.

So he was going to choose another bread and he was struck by the different types of bread that there were, he had never seen so many kinds of bread.

Not knowing which one might be the best, Matias asked her to recommend her favorite.

When he tasted the bread he said “wow it’s really very good and I didn’t know all those ways that bread could be created.

Every day she created a new bread and it was more interesting how she transformed everything into a culinary art.

He liked bread so much that he always bought more than usual.

And Matías said to Abigail “what you do in this bakery is a true art.”

Then she replied “yes, it is the art of the good baker.”

Her bakery had become a great success, and more and more lines grew to buy her delicious breads.


Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative