The houseboat festival in the sea

The houseboat festival in the sea

In a charming city surrounded by beautiful beaches with incredible views of the surroundings, the first big houseboat festival was being prepared.

Everyone was very excited to be able to participate and show the different creations for the festival.

Until they heard one of the rules to participate, which was that the house could only be built with edible materials.

So when many people heard that rule, they said that this could be more difficult than they had thought.

And this could mean a greater challenge to achieve building the houseboat houses.

Among all the participants was a boy named Joaquín, who always liked to participate in all the activities of the city.

And that was why he had signed up for the houseboat festival.

But he also found the idea of ​​using edible materials interesting and fun.

Unlike the others, he thought that this could be an opportunity to work harder and that his house would be really good for the festival.

He was very dedicated and perfectionist in all the things he did, so he wanted his house to be one of the most beautiful.

So he began to think about what could be the best material to build his house.

And he said” it could be the cookies, mallows and all that I would link it with peanut butter”.

But trying that idea he quickly vanished into the water.

So he kept putting other ideas into practice, but they didn’t work as he expected.

So he had to think for a longer time, until it occurred to him “what if I make my house with some fruits and seeds, how did I not think of that before, with this my house will be more solid and will stand longer on the water.”

I was going to cut the parts of the fruits as a kind of puzzle so that each part could be joined and the seeds were going to work as a very original decoration.

He went to get all the necessary fruits and seeds, to launch his idea.

When he was almost finished, he found that certain parts could not be put together properly, so he was going to have to get some more fruit to finish, but since the festival was just a few hours away, he might not have enough time to be able to achieve it.

And among so many ideas that he had at that time, he remembered the real reason why he wanted to participate in the festival, which was to be able to have fun making his house.

So all the nervousness went away and he began to improvise, he changed the shape of his house a bit and with that he made it ready for the festival.

So when the moment came, that everything was ready to start the houseboat festival, Joaquín along with the other participants shared and enjoyed the beautiful view that was around them, observing the incredible houses that they had built.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative