The Peacocks' Vacation

The Peacocks’ Vacation

On a wonderful day in early summer, Simón and his family went on vacation to a beach hotel with water parks that was close to a large forest reserve.

Where Simon hoped it would be an amazing place and full of fun.

When they arrived at the hotel, they unpacked their suitcases and went to begin to discover everything there was in the hotel.

First they went to the water parks and there they were all morning having fun together as a family.

After a few hours of great fun they left the water parks and headed to the forest reserve, to see all the beautiful nature and all the animals that were in the place.

On the way to the place they observed some beautiful peacocks of many colors.

And Simón’s mother said “What beautiful peacocks! Surely everything we will find in the reserve will be wonderful.”

When they arrived they saw how impressive and wonderful the place was.

They were all afternoon in the forest reserve and when it was getting dark they decided to return to the hotel to rest after a great day.

The next day when they were going to continue with all the adventures, Simón observed that the peacocks were right in the area where they were staying and it seemed that they had followed him.

He then he said “The turkeys that we saw yesterday on the road, it seems that they are walking all over the hotel, how beautiful they look!”

But after a while he noticed that they were not walking around the hotel but were following him everywhere.

Then Simon said, “What do I have, that the turkeys are following me?”

And he did not understand what could be the reason that they were always following him.

So he check if it was something from his clothes, shoes or if he had any traces of food, but everything was the same as always and he didn’t anything strange.

Contemplating this, he thought for a while, to see if he found the reason, but he couldn’t find it.

So he followed his walk while he discovered it.

After a while of the turkeys following him around, he became friends with them and they had become part of his adventures.

Although he didn’t understand why they were following him, he was having a lot of fun.

With them everything was more exciting and fun.

After some time, he discovered that his pants had a red label, which caught their attention and that is why they followed him everywhere.

Then he said “Ahh, it was always this tag on my pants, which I hadn’t seen it had.”

When the tag was removed they stopped following him and he was the one who began to follow them, to continue enjoying the great adventures before the vacations were over.

It was all amazing and he never expect to have as much fun as he had with turkeys.

When the last day of the ride arrived, he was a little sad that he could no longer have fun with the turkeys, but he would always remember this unforgettable summer.

For having had great adventures with the turkeys and that it had been the best vacation he had ever had.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered in SafeCreative