The lost buttons – a fantastic story

The lost buttons – a fantastic story

On a bright day, Bernice was getting ready for a big presentation of her science project she had been working on all year.

So she was going to look for the best dress she had, but when she found it, some of the buttons had fallen off.

And she said “oh no way, my beautiful dress, now I’ll have to take it in for repair”.

So, she went to take the dress and the buttons that had fallen off, to have it repaired so that it would be ready in time for the big presentation of the project.

On her way to the place where her dress would be repaired, she saw the time and there was not much time left for the presentation, so she hurried to get there on time and at that moment, without realizing it, the buttons fell out of her pocket.

When she arrived at the place everything was going according to plan and they were going to repair her dress, but when she looked for the buttons she couldn’t find them.

So she said, “I dropped them on the way, ¿where are the buttons?

Since she had little time, she quickly went to look for the buttons in the places where she thought they might have fallen off.

But in every place he went he could not find them.

After a while of searching he came to a place where he thought he could find them and there were a lot of very similar buttons, so he began to look for them among the many that were in the place.

After so much searching for his buttons, he discovered that they were not in the place.

And he said “¿where could they be?, they can’t be lost”.

So he kept thinking and remembered where they could be.

When he got to where he thought they were, he met a very kind lady named Josefina and she told him that since very early in the morning she had been waiting for him to come back for her buttons that she had dropped, and that since she was going so fast he had not been able to catch up with her to give her the buttons.

So he returned the buttons and thanked the lady very much for waiting all that time until he came back for the buttons.

She said “you are very special, thank you very much, without your help I would not have been able to recover the buttons to repair my dress and maybe they would have been lost”.

They said goodbye and she took the dress to be repaired, when it was ready she was on her way to the presentation.

She was wearing her beautiful dress and arrived just in time to present her great science project, which was one of the best projects presented and she was very happy about it, not everything had turned out as planned, but it had been a success.

Author: Samuel Frias  Registered with SafeCreative.